A. Installation (Desktop Outlook)

1. Open your desktop Outlook (PC version looks different from displayed) and click on 'Store' Button.

2. Click on 'My add-ins' and then '+Add a custom add-in', then 'Add from URL'

2.1 Please note that you might not find the "+ Add Custom add-in" button under your desktop Outlook, usually happens with Windows users, if that is the case you need to login to the browser version of your Outlook to install the plugin. This article shows how to install custom plugins using your browser https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/add-ins/sideload-outlook-add-ins-for-testing

3. Generic Salestrekker users (app.salestrekker.com): Copy this URL https://omp.salestrekker.com/manifest.xml and paste in the dialog that opens. Click 'OK'. Then Click 'Install'.


For users with enterprise logins, please contact support via e-mail or live chat for your custom add-in URL.

Salestrekker Logo will then appear on the tool bar. Plugin is ready to use.

4. Login to Salestrekker via Outlook. Click on Salestrekker icon on the tool bar and enter your Salestrekker credentials.

B. Using the plugin

1. Outlook plugin will work on your Outlook installed email that is your user email in Salestrekker. You will not be able to use the plugin if the email you are using in Outlook isn't your Salestrekker user email.

2. You can sync your Salestrekker contacts with Outlook (one way, Salestrekker to Outlook only). Click on 'Sync Contact'.

3. To forward client email from Outlook to Salestrekker Deal, click on client's email that you want to attach to a deal in Salestrekker and select deal from the list in 'Select deals' dropdown.  Deals will be filtered for those that contain clien't email address as a contact in a deal.

NOTE: You cannot send email from a contact that is not linked to a deal. For example, to link an email update from Lender, that lender needs to be added as a contact in a deal (using their update email address).

Note will appear in the selected deal as follows:

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