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Contact finance profile

Keeping master finance profile information

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In Salestrekker typically the latest deal has the up to date information on assets, liabilities, insurance providers, etc.

We have added a new functionality, where these details can be linked to the contact and kept as 'master' information for any client reviews or future loans.

Client Finance Profile is accessible via Contact View and contains real estate assets, other assets, liabilities and insurance details.

Uses of Contact Financial Profile

  1. Automatically update assets and liabilities when a deal settles

  2. View clients position on one screen during periodic client reviews

  3. Run marketing automation from a single source of information

  4. Use contact data to pre-populate a new deal (alternative to cloning the latest deal)

  5. Use on client portal for client's own reference (e.g. details of all insurance contracts they have in place). Please note, this is planned future functionality (August 19).

How is Contact Finance Profile updated

When deal is marked as settled (note deal status needs to be marked as settled as per image below, not deal moved to settled stage) Assets, Liabilities, Insurance information will transfer to Contact Finance Profile automatically.

For Broker Tools users, when deal is marked as Settled, Security and new loan information will also automatically populate in Contact Finance Profile.

This means that Contact Finance Profile will have the latest deal information.

When a new deal is created, users have two options:

  1. Copy existing deal and manually pull Assets, Liabilities and Insurance data from Contact Finance Profile.

  2. Create a new deal and then manually pull Assets, Liabilities and Insurance data from Contact Finance Profile. in this case client's income and expenses will need to be added again.

How to Pull Contact Finance Profile data into a deal

In Assets, Liabilities and Insurance tabs click on 'Add from contact' button:

Then, select all or individual item form the dropdown:

Video overview here:

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