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Review Loan Products - Loan Amount Error
Review Loan Products - Loan Amount Error

Review Loan Products - Loan Amount Error

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Error 1

When you get an error in Review Loan Products tab that says “Total loan amount ($$$) is different of total loan amount ($$$) on funding worksheet. Please correct the difference.”, all the tabs from Compare Loan Products up to Lodgement are going to be greyed out. 

This means that the loan amount in Funding Worksheet and loan amount in Review Loan Products are not the same.

You can correct this by going to the Funding Worksheet tab and entering the same loan amount as in the Review Loan Products tab. 

When loan amounts are the same, the error will be gone, tabs will be unlocked and you will be able to proceed with your application. 

Error 2

If however the proposed loan amounts are the same in Funding Worksheet tab and Review Loan Products tab, but you are still seeing the error, try to correct it by doing the following:

  1. Go to Funding Worksheet

  2. Delete the proposed loan amount completely

  3. Wait a few seconds so the system saves the change

  4. Reload your browser page

  5. Enter the proposed loan amount again

This will remove the error and unlock the remaining broker tools tabs.

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