We tend to keep our email sending settings as healthy as possible to reduce chance of any Salestrekker email being marked as Junk/Spam. 

Still, as emails are being processed by different recipient servers and mail clients it can happen that some of them interpret repeatable similar emails (such are Salestrekker templated notifications), coming from same address, with similar content, as unwanted. Luckily this can be easily resolved by applying rules/filters to your mail client.

Depending on your preferred email app and its version, solution bellow would need to be set bit differently in each of them. Still presented bellow are three most commonly used mail clients:

  • Desktop app Outlook users

  • Online Outlook users

  • Gmail users

Desktop app Outlook Users:

Best course of actions in case it happens again would be to open Junk folder, select message that ended up there in error and press on "Rules" in top ribbon to setup new rule.

Once Rules dialog opens it should have key details already filled in (From, To, Subject, Action). Leave "From:" and "To:" options as they are, but ensure to remove "Subject:" line (just click on minus icon to remove it and leave it blank).

For Action select "Move to Folder" and select "Inbox" as desired folder. Press ok and save changes.

After that all emails going forward will be received in Inbox directly.

As mentioned, depending on Outlook version, ribbon might not contain "Rules" option, like on screenshot above, so rules might need to be created within the Outlook settings. In that case follow Settings > Rules > Create new. 

From details you can set in "From:" address "no-reply@salestrekker.com". From selected actions choose "Move to Folder" and select "Inbox".

Online Outlook users:

Similar to described offline steps, to setup custom filters in online Outlook go to Settings > Rules and create a new one. Add sender to be "no-reply@salestrekker.com" and action "Move to" and type in "Inbox"

For Gmail users:

Easiest way is to go to Junk folder, select message that went to Spam/Trash in error and click "Not Spam".

Second option is while you're inside a message, click on three dots in top for more options and select "Filter messages like these" and then follow instructions from paragraph bellow:

If you want to add custom filters in Gmail from the scratch, click on Settings > Filters and blocked addresses > Create new filter. In the dialog that opens, enter in "From" field "no-reply@salestrekker.com". Click "Create filter" when ready to progress to next option menu:

(Optional: you can enter in "To" field your email address to ensure when notification is for you, it will go to your inbox. Also, would be best to leave "Subject" field empty)

In next dialog pick option "Never send it to Spam" and press "Create filter" button.

After this all of your emails from that address and with those filter details will be going to your inbox.

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