When doing QuickTools scenarios from library you have option both to download and view PDF. It can occur that your browser is set to block pup-ups which will make View PDF option unavailable.

There are two ways how this can be easily solved. When you click on the option to View PDF an icon of blocked popup will appear in your search bar. Click on it and select option to "Always allow pop-ups and redirects from Salestrekker" and press blue Done button to confirm.

The screen should look like this:

After that, press again View PDF option and it will load in the new tab:

In case you are still experiencing difficulties, or you didn't get "Pop-up blocked" icon in the browser search bar, follow the instructions bellow.

How To Remove Blocked Pop-ups From Browser Settings

Open Chrome Settings > Content settings > Pop-ups and redirects

See which urls are set in Blocked section, find Salestrekker one and click on three dots to expand option. In dropdown menu that will show pick "Allow". After that you can go back to Salestrekker page and press View PDF option again.

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