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How to add a split to loan product
How to add a split to loan product

How to create application with multiple loan splits

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If you wish to add split to selected product, go to Review loan products section, and at the bottom of the page click on 'Add split' button.ย 

New window will pop-up, where you can perform a search of available products for second split.

Note: Loan amount should still reflect total loan amount for the application while performing this search.

Once you have selected the product, second split will show up in Review loan products. You can add as many splits as necessary.

Once the process is completed, you can adjust loan amounts, loan ownership, interest rates, loan term, fees and any additional product features offered for the selected product (offset contribution or cashback/discount).

Product and repayment details can be found in the next tab, titled Compare loan products.

You can also delete a split if you need to change the structure of the loan.ย 

If you are seeing an error message in the Review loan products tab and all sections after this one are locked, please have a look at this article for troubleshooting.

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