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Broker tools are grayed out/Cannot access lender gateway
Broker tools are grayed out/Cannot access lender gateway

Cannot complete broker tools as some tabs are grayed out and can't access lender gateway (e.g. ApplyOnline)

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When some information is missing in broker tools, several key tabs will be grayed out.

Step 1: Check security details (and enter if missing like below):

Step 2: Check funding sheet and ensure loan amount matches product comparison amounts

Once security details are filled in, ensure that total loan amount in the funding position matches loan amount entered in search and product comparison tabs. Incomplete Funding sheet will look as follows: 

Ensure both security price estimate (should carry from the security tab) and contract price are entered, as well as the total loan amount. Completed funding position will look like this, and remaining broker tools tabs are now displayed.

Step 3: Complete the compliance tab to enable document production and lender gateway

All 'red' items in the compliance tab need to be produced in order to create compliance documents (Credit Proposal and Preliminary assessment). 

(Compliance documents need to be produced in order to proceed to lender gateway (ApplyOnline or LoanApp). 

If compliance documents aren't completed, Documents tab will show 'red warning icons'.

Documents will also be ;'greyed out' in Create Documents tab in Deal View: 

Required documents will not show in a 'Create documents' dropdown in broker tools:  

Only once documents are produced, users can access lender gateway. All key documents need to have 'green check circles' as per below: 

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