1. Sharing portal where information isn't kept private (from each other)

If required, simply send the invite to all applicants. For the spouses, ideally, a single invite will do the job. I.e. one spouse can enter information related to both applicants.

2. Keeping applicant information private (from each other)

If you are looking to create one application with applicants who are looking to keep their data private from other applicants you can send these clients separate client portal invitations and then connect their details in the application you are looking to lodge.

Let's say you have three applicants, in this instance you would create three separate deals for each of the three clients and then either create new contacts or connect existing contacts from Salestrekker each to a deal of their own. 

In the below picture we have the starting structure, three deals for these three applicants:

After you create a deal for each of the clients and fill out their phone numbers and their e-mail addresses respectively you will send them separate client portal invitations from each of the three applications you created.

You can move on to the next step as soon as the first applicant is finished with entering their information on the client portal.
Go to broker tools for that application and then you will be able to link the applicant's assets, liabilities and insurance details.

You can check the article below on linking these details: Contact Finance Profile Article

After that you can create the application with these clients included together and link their assets and other details the clients previously provided. 

Once creating the actual application just remember to select all the applicants previously entered from the drop-down:

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