Firstly, work out if the application is refinance, equity release or a top-up. For differences between these see this article.

Refinance applications will need the following:

  1. An asset that will be refinanced from one lender to another

  2. Associated liability with this asset (even if loan balance is $0)

  3. Existing asset added as a security

  4. Refinance option set in the Funding worksheet

  5. Optional Refinance analysis worksheet to present benefits to the client

Add Asset to be refinanced

In Client profile, under Assets tab add an real estate asset that will be refinanced. Click on Add Asset button (A) and select Owner Occupied or Investment real estate. Search address in address bar (B), unless asset has a special address - then add address manually. 

Add security value (C). Note if using Pricefinder or CoreLogic, price will automatucally appear, so modify if required. Set property type (D) and zoning (E).

Change asset ownership if required by clicking on Change ownership button (F)

Add linked Liability

Go to Liability tab in client profile and click on Add liability button (A). Add current loan details (B) and link with the asset (C). 

Check the refinance box (D) and change ownership if required (E).

Set up existing asset as a Security

Go to Broker tools, Security details tab and click on Add existing security button (A). Security details (B) and loan details (E) will pre-populate and cannot be edited here. To edit these go to Assets and Liabilities tabs.

Add contact for valuation and title details (D). Note if Pricefinder or CoreLogic are integrated, title details might pre-populate automatically.

Complete Funding worksheet tab

Form a dropdown menu select 'Refinance' option (A). Note sometimes when extra funds are required on top of the refinanced balance, Equity release might be appropriate option in this dropdown; best to clarify with lender directly.

Add loan amount (B) and complete all other required fields See this article for more details.

Note for refinances, break and discharge costs need to be enquired with the client/outgoing lender or estimated to present correct funding position.

Optionally complete Refinance analysis tab

Optionally, complete refinance analysis to present client with the benefits of refinance. For more details see this article.

All other steps are as per any other application.

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