Salestrekker iOS app has limited functionality to assist users keeping deals and contacts organised on the go.

1. Finding Salestrekker app on Apple Store

Go to App Store on your iPhone and search for 'salestrekker' (regardless of which version of Salestrekker you use). Link to the app store is here.

2. Installing app on your phone

Open iOS app and enter three fields required.

Enter the URL from the version of Salestrekker you are using. Only enter URL text that sits between 'https://' and ''. In the example below that text is 'app'.

Then enter your user name and password and click on 'Sign in' button.

3. Using the application on your iPhone

This version of iOS app will allow you to:

  • Add deals and contacts;

  • View deals in a workflow (one stage per screen);

  • Search for deals, contacts and tasks;

  • Move deals form stage to stage;

  • View deals and summary;

  • Add notes and tasks by typing and using advanced speech to text functionality;

  • Complete existing tasks;

  • Save photos and documents from your phone to a deal (e.g. client support docs during the interview);

  • Call client and take notes of the call;

  • Send client an SMS and email from the app and save those as notes in a deal;

  • Switch between organisations (if you have more than one Salestrekker organisation linked to your email);

See this video for a demo of the application:

4. Tips and actions

  • Click on "+" on deal card to call/sms/email client or add a note without clicking deal view (image 1 below);

  • When in workflow/stage view, swipe top of the screen from left to right to see settings/switch organisation and logout controls (image 2 below);

  • When in deal view swipe top of the screen from right to left to see deal detail (image 3 below);

  • In every screen use circle action button to add deals, notes, SMS, email, call, document, etc (image 4 below). Button can have more than one function that will appear when you click on it first time

5. Limitations and functions currently not available on the app

  • Broker tools and calculators are not available on current version of the app;

  • Users cannot assign task to other users (then themselves);

  • Filtering deals, tasks and contacts isn't supported on the app;

  • Marketing functionality isn't supported by the app;

  • Settings are limited;

  • App is optimised for iPhone; iPad users should access full site.

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