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Best use of Finance profile (under Contact)
Best use of Finance profile (under Contact)

Tips on how to maximize contact Finance profile feature

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Client data required for loan application is collected in Client profile, which is accessed via deal view. 

This is a typical 'Fact Find' data collection scenario. Client profile information, however, is specific only to that particular deal and should not be changed once loan settles.

Clients however can have multiple active and settled deals (e.g. purchase, refinance, car loan, etc.) that all have own somewhat unique Client profile information.

As a result, 'master' information needs to be kept under contact view. 

Finance profile contains the most up to date financial information on Assets, Liabilities and Insurance providers. 

Finance profile is updated every time when the deal is marked as 'settled', which typically occurs on/after settlement and it also marks deal being posted to the commission platform (where such integration exists). 

Information in Finance profile can also be manually updated using 'Edit' function as per image below.

Finance profile information has several uses:

  • It can be imported to a new deal;

  • Information will trigger Marketing Automation for loan term expiry and car warranty expiry dates (e.g. fixed rate expiry email);

  • It can be used for client annual reviews AND updated with correct information over time;

  • FUTURE use: It can be presented in the Client Portal with up to date loan balances and interest rates.

Recommended process for new deal creation:

  1. Duplicate existing deal using Edit/Duplicate option in Deal view

  2. Use 'Add from Contacts' button to update Assets/Liabilities/Insurers

This process will ensure the fastest creation of new deal with most/all information being present for the future deal.

See more on this feature in this video:

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