When downloading a pdf file from produced documents in Salestrekker it can happen that due to document version of Microsoft office you use, version of document template you have in your org, converter processing the docx file in background and general differences between formats - it can happen that the pdf version won't be 100% aligned as the docx file.

Bellow are couple of quick tips&tricks to help you adjust your docx document templates to get better visual after the conversion.

Signature tables:

Docx templates have signature tables set by default to "Wrap - around". When document is in docx version, you will see it aligned good - but when document is converted to pdf they can overlap like this:


1. Go to Salestrekker Settings > Document templates and download the original docx template there by clicking on the title.

2. Amend the template in Microsoft Word (or other text editor). Scroll to the bottom of the document where signature tables are located, select one by one and right click on the selection then select "Table Properties" option from the list:

3. Select table Text Wrapping to be "None":

4. Style further if you require then Save document as .docx file and upload that new version in Salestrekker Settings > Document templates. (You can archive or delete the initial version downloaded in step 1)

5. Open a Deal and create a new document by using new template. Download a pdf version where you will now see it alright:

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