There are multiple ways you can contact clients within the Salestrekker Android application 

Note: If you are contacting the client via the option 1. and 2. below once you finish the call and return to Salestrekker you will be prompted to input a note which will be saved to the application directly if you want and after you send an sms through Salestrekker the sms will be saved automatically in the deal.

  1. First one is to, while in the "Deals" view, click on the three dots on the far right of the application ticket (first screenshot below) and the options for contacting the client will appear (second screenshot).

  2. Second option is from a deal itself. While inside the deal click on the orange "+"            button in the lower right (screenshot one below) and same as above the options          will appear for you to contact the clients (screenshot two).

   3. Third option is from within the Contacts tab where the "Phone" icon to the right             of the contact name will give you additional options to contact the client via the            e-mail, call or sms.

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