Note that the exact structure needs to be confirmed by client's accountant and that this article does not attempt to present exactly how the SMSF structure should be set up. The intent of this article is to present how to set up a potential SMSF deal in the CRM.

Typically SMSF requires two structures:

  1. Holding/Bare/Custodian trust structure (holds Security)

  2. SMSF trust structure (holds Loan)

SMSF trust members are required to present own financial position. We add them as 'Servicing Guarantors' (in lender gateway they are 'Members').

A. Create a new deal

When adding a new deal add two company contact (as Clients) and trust members as person contacts (as Servicing Guarantors).

B. Add Trust information

Bare/Holding/Custodian trust structure holds property, while SMSF trust structure holds loan with the lender.

Trust members are linked with the structure as 'entity individuals'. To link them properly, start typing their names in the 'first name' field and pick their contact listed in the drop down menu.

  • ACN is required for Trustee companies (use ABN/ACN lookup)

  • ABN is required for both trusts (use ABN lookup)

C. Set Security ownership to Bare/Holding trust structure

Bare/Holding/Custodian trust structure owns 100% of security:

See video example here:

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