Form January 2020 organisation logo can be merged into documents.

Go to Settings > Organisation/Details and scroll down to Organisation Appearance. Click on Logo to change if current one is not appropriate (eg. current logo is white and it will not show well on white paper background). 

Note that this logo is used for all client facing portals. We recommend you use transparent (.png) logo image, with a minimum size of 600x100px (and always 6:1 ratio). 

Adding merge code to your document

Go to Settings > Templates/Document templates and click on Show Merge Fields button:

Type 'logo' in search section of the Merge field library and select one of three options available (Large/Medium/Small). Medium would work for most documents. Clicking on desired merge field will save it to the clipboard.

Open your document template (always in Microsoft Word, .docx format) and add merge field/s where desired.  Position logo as using alignment controls in Microsoft Word:

Logo merge field/code can be placed anywhere in a document body, header or footer. 

Test in actual deal by creating a document from a template to ensure logo merge is set up correctly. 

See this process in this short video:

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