You can have your client interviews without leaving your desk. Interview mode will assist in Video or F2F client interviews. Select a desired deal.
There already is a Client Portal feature where Clients themselves can complete Fact Find remotely. There is also a Video Conferencing feature to assist with remote interview and ID.
In Deal View, click on "Interview Mode" button.

Select Fact Find sections for the interview.

Look and feel of interview mode Mode is identical to the client Portal. Key difference is that Broker is operating the screen, with client being interviewed. Each screen represent one Fact Find question, making it easy to run the interview.

In each page complete required info and click Next to move to next question. You can use side bar to navigate between question/sections of Fact Find. Progress steps are displayed here:

Questions are dynamic and many are not compulsory. Note that information saves in real time in Broker Tools.
When completed, click Finish and close the screen. Review Information in Broker Tools (Client Profile) and add any missing items.
Please take a look for a demo video:

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