Calendly can be used to set meetings through Email and SMS notifications.

We advise that you integrate Calendly with the calendar that you are using prior to taking further steps.

After that, you need to set up a meeting in Calendly and copy the link which will clients use to book an appointment.

Then you need to set up the Email or SMS external notification. When you are creating the external notification that will be used in automation or manually sent, you can paste the link that was previously copied and clients will be able book an appointment by clicking on it, whether it was sent by Email or SMS.

If you are sending the Email or SMS manually, you can select the previously created template and send it.

It can be also set in Email or SMS automation by going to Settings > Workflows > Select desired workflow and click on Automate button in stage in which you wish to set the automation.

In the pop-up select the Calendly Email or SMS external notification

In next pop-up select if the automation will be sent when the deal enters the stage or it becomes stale. The automation is now all set up and ready.

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