Movinghub is now integrated with Salestrekker to make your job easier and allow you to focus on what you do best. Movinghub assists customers with utility connections and home services through a personalised concierge service.

Enabling the integration

To enable the integration, you should go to Settings > 3rd party applications and turn on Movinghub. It will automatically link your email with an agent from Movinghub. Once the integration is enabled, it can't be disabled later.

Using the integration

Go to the Needs and Objectives tab in the deal and select if it is Owner Occupied or Investment property and then select if it is a Purchase or Construction.

After selection is made, you should scroll down within the same tab and you will see the following question: "Have you discussed a complimentary UTILITY CONNECTION/RELOCATION SERVICE?" Make a selection, click on Refer and then click on Movinghub.

Complete all fields in the popup box that appears, select preferred contact method (SMS or Email) and then click on 'Send'. An agent from Movinghub will receive the application and contact clients via preferred contact method.

When the form has been sent, a note in the deal will appear stating that Movinghub application has been sent

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