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Cashback (discount) calculator
Cashback (discount) calculator

Applying cashback/discount in product comparison and refinance calculators

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Lenders frequently offer borrowers with cash incentives ('cashbacks') to refinance their loans with their current lender. Similarly it is possible that lenders might provide other incentives to new customers.

STEP 1: Add lender cashback in the Review loan products tab.

Note that this is a manual action (ie. cashbacks isn't contained in the product data)

STEP 2: Savings are applied in the Compare loan products tab

Note that total cashback savings will be printed on Comparison PDF

STEP 3: Cashback is applied in the Refinance analysis tab as well

Tick the Edit checkbox if the cashback amount needs to be edited form what is entered in the Review loan products tab.

Cashback can be added in Quick tools as well:

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