Share a Note/File

When writing a note in Salestrekker (Deal View), users can share the same note with the client.  Simply click on 'Share on Client Portal' button prior to saving the note. 

Note can be share even after it is saved by clicking on the same button next to the note. If it is enabled in Settings > Client Portal, shared note will be emailed/SMS'd to the client as well.

Similarly, Files (Documents) can be shared with the clients.

Request Documents

Users can request documents from the clients (to be uploaded using Client Portal).  In Deal View, go to Files tab and click on '+Add New' button.

You can add individual files or select a templated file list (Settings > Templates/Required documents).  We recommend these are selected prior top client being invited to Client Portal.  This will prevent multiple email updates being sent to the client (if this is enabled in Client Portal settings)

Client will then see individual boxes in Client Portal used to upload these required documents.

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