User with admin permissions can create a Required Document template.  These are used to request documents from the client.

Note: Clients will only see required document checklist once deal is shared with them with Client Portal.

Go to Settings > Templates/Required documents (1) and click on '+Add New' button (2).

Follow these steps to add a new template:

A. Name the template and give it an icon
B. Add description text explaining the purpose of the checklist
C. Add reminder time in days - clients will get a reminder email.
D. Click on '+ Add document' button to add a checklist item
E. Add document name (client will see this)
F. Add further description (client will see this)
G. Save when completed.

Easiest way to create variations of the checklist is to copy existing template and create a copy of it.  Once copied, template can be easily amended.

To use templates:

1 Go to 'Deal View"

2 Click on 'Request Documents'

3a. Tick a circle next to '...or select from templates below' and then tick the square next to desired template list

3b. Alternatively, you can manually require one document by clicking a circle next to 'Add single required document' and entering name, description and due date for the document.

4. Click on 'Request'

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