Share a Note/File

When writing a note in Salestrekker (Deal View), users can share the same note with the client.  Simply click on 'Share on Client Portal' button prior to saving the note.

Note can be share even after it is saved by clicking on the same button next to the note. If it is enabled in Settings > Client Portal, shared note will be emailed/SMS'd to the client as well.

Similarly, Files (Documents) can be shared with the clients.

Request Documents

Users can request documents from the clients (to be uploaded using Client Portal).  In Deal View, go to Required Documents tab; a list of templates of the required docs will show up. Simply select list template that you need, and click on ‘Request’ button, at the bottom of the page. That way your client will get an email with a link, where requested documents can be uploaded..

You can add individual files as well however we recommend these are selected prior to client being invited to Client Portal.  This will prevent multiple email updates being sent to the client (if this is enabled in Client Portal settings)

If you do not have a template list of required documents, then you`ll need to create them. Here is the article on creating document lists:

You can also request a single document by clicking on ‘Add single required document’.

When client has uploaded documents, they will be visible in your deal in ‘Documents’ tab. 

Also, there you can find a list of all of the requested documents, and see which have been uploaded.

For instructions on uploading documents from client’s side, please see this article:

Client will then see individual boxes in Client Portal used to upload these required documents.

How Clients can upload and submit requested documents in Client Portal

When you request supporting documents, client will get an email with a link to log into the Client Portal and upload the documents.

After logging in via this link, they will open the main dashboard of the Client Portal from where they can choose one of two ways to open their documents tab and upload the required:

  1. By clicking the "See Documents" button on the "Documents Required" dashboard element 

  2. Or by clicking on the "Documents" button on left side menu

Next step is to click on upload > choose document > save/open.

Request Bank Statements

Apart from document scan and upload, users can request clients to automatically upload up to six months of bank statements using integration with Salestrekker.

Instructions for setting up your integration can be found here.

When logged in to Client Portal, clients will see button when opening the "Documents" tab from the left side menu.

Once they click on the "open" button, a new portal will open where clients need to enter their credentials for the bank they are requesting statements from.

When the process of ordering statements is completed, statements will show up in the deal under 'Documents' tab.

You can also request bank statements via video conference. Instructions can be found here.

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