Tasks are a useful tool to drive standardised work or to guide new staff.

For all tasks, minimum required details are:

  • Task name

  • Assigned to person

  • Due date

Quick add tasks from deal tile

To quickly add task to a deal, click the three dots menu on deal tile and then “Add task”. 

Fill in needed information in popup window then press “Save” to apply. New task will be added to the list and everybody involved notified.

Add tasks inside deal/contact

When inside a deal or contact card, on command bar second, option is "Add task". Clicking once on it you will get the same options to configure tasks.

Add tasks from main "Tasks" page

To add a new task from the top menu "Tasks" page, click on the "Add new" button located in top right corner.

Same task configuration popup window will show, where we can set up a new task or add and edit a pre-created task template.

Note: Tasks must be linked to deals or contacts. If creating a new task from "Tasks" page, please be sure to select " Additional Options" and choose if the new task is for a deal (locate deal first from "Workflow" drop down and then the "Deal" dropdown) or contact (start typing first name of contact and then select from drop down).

If this is not completed, task cannot be created.

Adding recurring tasks

When you click on the “Repeat Options” button or icon in task configuration window, you can set the task recurrence cycles. Task assignee will receive repeated notifications and reminders in every cycle, ensuring completion of all followups, checkups, monthly and annually appointments.

To know how to create task templates that can be used in deal automation or loaded for further setup when creating tasks manually, please check out this article.

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