User with admin permissions can create task templates. Templates are used for common tasks and for task workflow automation (i.e. assigning tasks to a team member as deal changes stage).

Go to Settings > Templates/Task Templates and click on '+Add New' button.

In a new dialog, add task name (1), any comments (2) and if required add a subtask (3).

Task template can now be added to a deal or under the main Task tab on the navigation menu.  To call the template, simply type first three letters of Task Name (1) and it will pre-populate the saved task template.

Then assign other team member if required (2) and set up due date (3). Users can modify template by adding more information to any field. Click on Save button (4) to create new task.

Click here to have a look at our video tutorial for task use.

More information about task checklist are in this video.

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