To use task automation first you need to setup task template and assign them to workflow as stage automation in order to execute.

1. Create and manage task templates

For tasks to automatically be set when deal is created and moved between stages you must make templates and automate them. This will automatically create key tasks for each deal, each user and each stage - to keep you on track.

To set Task templates go to Settings > Tasks (in template section). Hit +ADD NEW, write template name and description, then add sub-tasks if needed. Press “Save” when done. 

2. Create tasks automatically as workflow automation

Then go to Settings > Workflows. Select/create workflow where you would like to automate this task template. Choose stage where task template should apply and click on orange wrench button to automate. From drop down menu select task template you want to apply. Popup window will show where you can fully customize template: enter task name, choose default assignee of task (specific user or deal owner), insert comments and add sub tasks if needed. Hit “Save” when done.

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