Go to “Tasks” tab on main menu. List of all of your tasks will be there. You can filter them to narrow down. 

Filtering tasks:

Filter option can be used for quick task sorting. In tasks tab, click on Filters > +Add new and select wanted filter criteria. Tasks can be filtered by task name, task template, date, progress, status and other variables you select.

Use equal and non-equal (" = ") comparison option for more precise results.

You can use one or multiple filters at same time and once you choose the criteria, click on "apply" button at the bottom of the filters window to save and apply the task filter you just created. The task filter will be applied instantly after you click "apply".

Once you apply a filter, you will be able to use it in future as well just by clicking on it from the Filter list. You can share filter with other users in your org by ticking Share filter or you can leave them only for yourself.

Managing tasks:

Work on your tasks by clicking on pen icon on the right hand side. Check details in new dialogue and when done press “Mark as completed” button and hit “Save”.

You can jump to Deal by clicking on its name in the center.

NOTE: Status icons are visible in the list. When tick icon is grey - task hasn't been touched. When yellow its in progress and when green, it's complete. 

When due date is reached, date and badge will have orange color. When task is overdue it will have red date and red Overdue badge. 

If your main task contains subtasks, note that marking one of the sub-tasks as completed will remove task label for a short period of time but will appear again.

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