Partner Portal is typically used to share deals with your business partners, e.g. referrers.

Firstly set-up partner permissions. User can switch off partner access to deal, note and file addition. For increased client privacy, switch off 'Edit Client Profile' option.

Most partners will not have too many deals to view, and suggested view setting is 'list', instead 'workflow' view.

Partners also have an option to see more information once they open a deal. Side bar content can contain 'professional advice' fields and summary notes.

Next, set up a default workflow where new deals added by partners will be placed.  Image below shows recommended 'Leads' workflow for all new deals added by partners.

Partners can receive email and SMS notifications when new deal is shared with Partner, deal changes stage, user shares a note with partner and user shares a file with partner.  Set up by switching toggle on or off.

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