Partner Portal is typically used to share deals with your business partners, e.g. referrers.

Most partners will not have too many deals to view and the suggested view setting is 'list', instead of 'workflow' view.

Partners also have an option to see more information once they open a deal. Sidebar content contains deal details fields and summary notes.

Action section is related to brokers notifications and Notification settings are referring to partners notification and updates.

The next step is to set up a default workflow where new deals added by partners will be placed.  The image below shows recommended 'Leads' workflow for all new deals added by partners.

Partners can receive email and SMS notifications when a new deal is shared with Partner, the deal changes stage, user shares a file and a note with the partner.  Set up by switching toggle on or off.

This option is also available for each partner once they login into their partner portal account so they can set the notifications for themselves.

Note: If some options are switched off under the organization settings, a partner will not receive the sms/ email notification for those events even if they have that particular option set to on under their profile.

All partners added under the organization need to be allocated to a user(s), so they can be able to create the deals under the Partner Portal.

If a partner is not allocated to any user, they will not be able to create and assign the deals to users.

Any existing deals that you wish to share with your newly added partner will require you add them to those deals as members. Steps on how to do that are in this article.

In this article, you can check out how the partner portal looks and how partners can create new leads.

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