Contact page

To see complete relationship with any contact go to Contacts section and hover over one contact to open the personal info, add a label, duplicate or remove the contact.

In the middle of the screen, there will be lists of recent notes, emails, tasks, current and completed deals regarding contact. From there you can simply navigate to any of them to update yourself about past events. In the left sidebar you have contact view from which you can send email, sms or call the contact, under that is finance profile which is related to contact assets, liabilities, etc.
An additional option is QR code so you can simply add contact to your phone just by scanning it.  

In top right corner is "EDIT CONTACT" button where you can open contact details and add or edit them (change information about email, phone address, add Date of Birth, home phone number, second email address etc.)

For more info of clients finance profile check the following link:

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