In order to see broker tools you have to have at least one Loan writer account in your organisation. To have that enabled you can go to Settings > Users and turn on "Broker" switch to users you would like have Broker tools access.

If you don't have broker tools enabled you will see 'Client Profile' button instead.

If you have broker tools enabled and still can't see "Broker Tools" button you need to set up your Accreditation and organisation Credentials. You can find detailed instructions in article HERE.

If you are supporting staff and only can see "Client profile" button (and basic fact find when you click on it) but you need to use broker tools, first assign a broker as deal owner for that deal. To change deal owner, click on Edit Deal button (i.e. green pen) and change owner in edit deal screen.

Kindly note that other users in the deal owner drop-down menu will be visible only to users with admin privileges or if permissions in settings are set in such manner that visibility for other users is enabled.

Once deal ownership is changed to broker who has Broker tools enabled and setup completed - "Broker Tools" button will appear and when you click on it, additional options below fact find will appear.

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