In top right you have button "SHOW MERGE FIELDS" that will give you list of all available fields you can copy/paste to external documents (charts are found under "Broker tools - General Information"). Once you have all merge fields in place, save external document as ".docx" file, press "+ADD NEW" in Salestrekker and upload document to Compliance document templates list (you can select max 10 documents per upload).

Once document is uploaded you can rename/duplicate/archive or delete Document template by selecting the document with the left side check box and clicking on the "Actions" button.

You also have the option to label your Document template: click on the label icon in the Actions column. A popup dialog window will appear where you click on the label(s) you want to choose and once you're done selecting them click on the "Save" button. Please note that all your Compliance documents will already be pre-labeled accordingly.

Here is another article that might help you with setting up Compliance documents.

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