Search Loan products tab starts with a filter table. Simply select items from dropdown fields that you want to use to find the required products.

Once you click the 'Search' button, a list of products that match the criteria is displayed.

To see product details, simply click on the product bar, and the new section showing further product fields will open below.

Select up to four products and click 'Review Loan Products' button or tab in the sidebar.

*Note: Product search remembers the information from funding position the first time only and after that, you need to modify Product search manually. The criteria which were the latest selected will be memorized until your next change.

The "reset" option will erase previously entered criteria and you can do the product search from the beginning.

The next screen (Review loan products) will allow entry of any cashback, discounts, offset balances, splits, or a review of lender fees.

Once you have chosen a product that suits you in the 'Search Loan Products' tab and have adjusted it in the 'Review Loan Products' tab the next thing is to compare the chosen options in the 'Compare Loan Products' tab and set the product as preferred here as well.

Setting the product as preferred is the key as this will also select the lender to whom you will be lodging the application via the lodgement tab and Apply Online for example.

Note that the product comparison also displays the following information:

  • Total cost of loan after the first 3 years (A)

  • Cashback/discount savings (B)

  • Offset interest savings (B)

  • Total cost and savings over the loan term (C)

  • Maximum upfront and trail commission payable by the lender (this is a CIF and BID requirement) (D)

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