In order to proceed to Apply Online there are a few mandatory requirements, that need to be filled in Broker Tools of the deal, outlined below:

a) Select a product in the 'Search Loan Products' tab and then select the product as preferred in the 'Compare Loan Products' tab.
(how to use the search product tab) and (how to select the lender and the product)

b) In the 'Needs and Objectives' tab fill out the 'Adequate Insurance' question

Note: Users are required to setup the 'Risk insurance (life, TPD, income protection)' details under the 'Diversification' tab in Settings for their account beforehand.
(how to setup and use Diversification opportunities feature)

c) In the 'Compliance Comments and Documents' tab make sure to fill out the 'Advice Comments' section in the tab along with the 'Broker Disclosure', 'Conflict of Interest Disclosure' and 'Product Suitability' sections at the bottom of the 'Compliance Comments and Documents' tab as well.

d) Print out the compliance documents, if you haven't already, from broker tools or  through deal view 

e) Click on the 'Lodgement' tab located at the bottom of the broker tools and choose Apply Online as your gateway.

After the last step a new application will be created in Apply Online and you can click on 'Open Application' to open it.

If you encounter any error that cannot be solved through following help-desk articles: 'Review Loan Products Amount Error' or 'Broker Tools are Greyed Out' or 'Compliance Documents Error' please contact our chat support with your inquiry who will gladly assist you.

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