If you are trying to lodge the application but you are still getting the note that there are required compliance documents even though you have created these here are the steps to follow to fix this.

   1. Go back to the 'Deal View' and click on the 'Documents' 

2. If you haven't created these you can create them now - but if you can see these documents below in the 'Document' section then we need to make sure they have the appropriate labels. For example - below we have the Privacy Disclosure and the Preliminary Assessment but without the proper labels that we will need to apply.

3. We will apply labels as per the below screenshots by clicking on the icon in line with each document and selecting the appropriate one.

4.(Optional Step) This step is only relevant if we are creating a document from 'Document Templates' rather than uploading one. After labeling the documents our next step is to go into 'Settings' > 'Document Templates' and making sure that the document that has previously caused us trouble has the relevant label applied to it.

5. If it doesn't have it just click on the below outlined icon and choose the relevant one.

After this each following copy you create will have these applied to it and you won't have to follow the procedure from above.

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