Once the document templates are saved in Salestrekker (see how to produce templates here), they can be produced for every deal.

When you click on a deal that you want to produce documents for, you need to click on 'Create Document'.

Compliance and sales documents will be listed on the right-hand-side column and other document templates on the left-hand-side. What will determine if it's one or the other are the labels which you have added when creating document templates.  

Once you click on "Create Document" you should select templates you want to merge and then click 'create'. You can select as many templates as you want.

Please note that some of the compliance documents might be locked/greyed out. The main reason for this would be if the required questions to produce documents have not been answered in the compliance tab; you can find more information on required fields for compliance here.


Salestrekker offer a few options to share documents you have created with your clients.

1 - Share from Salestrekker application. Once you have produced documents, one of the best options is to email it to your clients or other contacts working on the deal. In order to do that we have the option to "Send via application". Which you can find by hovering your cursor over contacts' email and then click on the email. 

Once you select "Send via application" a pop up will appear and you can either choose a template or write an email from scratch. The documents you have created will appear as options so you can select the document you wish to send and it will then attach to the email the client will receive. Once the email and documents are ready and you have clicked 'send' the email will update under your "all" and "notes" tabs. Here is where you can find out more about building email templates

2 - Share the document on Client Portal. If you have already shared the deal with your client on the portal, you can click on the "documents" tab and choose to share these documents with your client through the portal. You can do that by clicking on the share icon next to the document you want to share.

Clients will then see documents on their portal and will be able to download them.

You can then notify the client that the documents have been uploaded (please check clients notifications under client portal settings if you want them to receive email/SMS as well).

If you need clients to sign your document you can then request documents from clients via "request document" button and they will be able to upload it to the client portal.

3 - Send documents for eSignature. One last option after merging your clients' documents would be to have them to sign it electronically. In order to do that please read our article on eSignatures.

I hope this article has assisted you with adding and sharing documents more efficiently with your clients.


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