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Using eSignatures: Signing documents in Salestrekker with Annature
Using eSignatures: Signing documents in Salestrekker with Annature

How to prepare, send and complete digital signature requests with Annature.

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Annature is an AU & NZ ISO 27001 certified eSignature provider for small businesses and enterprises.

Preparing the signature request

To initiate the document signing request open your deal then:

  1. Open "Documents" tab in deal view

  2. Click on signature icon

Request signature popup window will open, then:

3. Select clients from "Clients" drop down

4. Select other users from "Users" drop down (this is where broker can select him/herself for the signature as well)

5. Click on "Request" button

Note: Aggregator compliance documents come with pre-added signature fields for clients. If you are preparing one of these documents you can skip steps 6, 7 and 8.

6. Drag and drop the signature field from the left side menu

7. Select the person that will be linked to that signature field

You can add standard signature, initial, date fields, along with other types including: text field, checkboxes, drop down etc. All available fields are located on the left sidebar.

Once you finish preparing the document for signing, click on the purple "Send envelope" button in top right corner.

After sending the request a note with the request details will be created in your deal.

NOTE: Due to legal consideration, if you have added a BCC email address to your account settings, the only exception where you will not receive outgoing email blind carbon copies is with eSign requests.

Signing requested document

Everyone included in the signature request will receive the document for signing in their email inbox.

To complete the signing process:

  1. Open the email titled "Your signature is required in document(s): name_of_the_document"

  2. Click on "Sign document" button

    3. This action will open a new tab where you can now review the document

    4. After receiving the document, click on the "Click to begin" button to begin signing

    5. You can pick/change a signature style, draw your own signature or upload an image with your signature.

    6. When you are satisfied with the signature option you want to go with, click on the "Adopt signature" button at the bottom

7. To complete the process click on the "Finish signing" button in the top right corner

After each person signs the document a deal note will be created recording this.

When everyone has signed the document, a signed copy will be delivered to all signing parties to their email and one copy will be uploaded to the deal.

Note: If you are having difficulties locating the signature request email or the email with the returned signed document, please read up on the most common causes for this here and find out how to troubleshoot them.

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