All new users need to set up their account in order to get the Salestrekker functioning properly.

Start with adding your photo to your account.  This will make it easier to collaborate with your team and clients.

Onboarding Wizard

As a minimum, your account details need to have:

  1. Full name

  2. Mobile number

  3. Office address

Without the minimum required details, your will not be allowed to proceed with the remaining setup.

Account Details

First and Family Name will already be populated, however these fields are editable and you will be able to make changes to them.

Mobile Number is required, preferably should have a mobile number in order to use the SMS feature from Salestrekker. Mobile should be entered without space between digits and with starting "0" (04, 02...).

Email address cannot be changed or updated. For sending emails from a different email address, there is our Alias feature.

Account Address

Best practice is to try and search your address via the first search field and select it from the drop down results list. If address cannot be found via search, please enter the full address manually.

Note: Mobile phone number prefix field is auto populated based on selected Country in address details.

Account professional licenses

If you have professional accreditations, add them under Account professional licenses section.  You will be able to merge this information into your documents and emails.

Below image is an example on how to fill out the licenses form.

Note: For users from Aggregator Deployments - confirm with your aggregator BDM which information is to go into which field, or reach out to our HelpDesk Support on chat for assistance.

Email details

Under this last section of user account setup, you can customize the Email Signature, add a BCC email address to receive copies of all sent emails or setup the Alias feature for sending emails from Salestrekker using a different email address (all emails will have user main account email address as the Sender by default).

You can copy paste email signature from your mail app (hint: Gmail copies better than Outlook).

For proper Email Signature setup, please check this article.

More on the Alias feature can be found in this article.

For more information, see our settings video

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