If you are using Equifax it is possible now to connect it to Salestrekker.

Before you start off with the set-up, you will need a separate set of log-in details (username and password) for use in Salestrekker.
You can obtain this by contacting Equifax at salesAU@equifax.com and informing them that you will be using Equifax through 3rd party service, in this case Salestrekker.

After you have your new log-ins to set Equifax up, please go to your Salestrekker Settings > 3rd party applications > Equifax 

Turn on Equifax and it will open new pop up window for sign in. Once that is enabled you will be able to request reports and scores on your clients.

To use Equifax open deal > Broker Tools and under Personal details you will see Equifax button just below clients initials (or avatar if uploaded)

After clicking the button a new popup window will present where you can configure options:


Retrieving a PDF can fail sometimes due to unknown reasons on Equifax side.
Because of that, new functionality has been added - PDF previous enquiry download button. Clicking on that button broker can retrieve PDF for existing enquiry/report free of charge.

  • If the Equifax report was requested more than 180 days ago, the download button/enquiry ID box will no longer be visible. You will need to request a new report in this case.

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