Salestrekker has the capability to pull CRM data in real time, and present it in a number of charts and widgets. These charts and widgets are designed to present the performance overview of user's or business data.

Dashboard can also be set as the opening page when user logs in to the system.

A fully completed Dashboard can look like this:

Dashboard is modular, personal and fully customisable. Each user sets their own Dashboard by adding charts and widgets, resizing and repositioning them on the canvas. Visibility for Dashboard is set in Permissions Settings.

Available widgets

  • Leaderboard (Horizontal bar chart representing leaderboard of users or organisations)

  • Pipeline (Vertical bar chart representing throughput of deals in given time period for deal created, submitted to lender, approved by lender and marked as settled by users)

  • Conversion (Gauge chart representing deal conversion, as a % settled deals)

  • Time breakdown (Vertical bar chart representing deal sums over period of time; eg organisation settlements last 12 months or expected settlements next 3 months)

  • Statistics (Numeric representing a deal statistic for user or organisation)

  • Deals (List of deals for certain parameter and time period)

  • Anniversary (List of birthdays, fixed expiry dates, IO expiry dates, settlement dates)

  • Tasks (List of due and over due tasks)

  • Notes (list of the latest notes)


Widgets can be selected based on figures reported by enterprise, group/branch/organisation, user and referral partner (visibility of these options is linked to user permissions).

Widgets can also report deal numbers or deal value, as well as anniversary dates.

Searching for widgets

Click on 'Add widget' tool on dashboard:

There are 100's of widgets available.  Type desired topic in the search field and then scroll down the list to find required widget and click to add:

Resize and move widgets

Screen is divided in a 6x3 grid, with minimum widget size being 1x1. Each widget can be resized into any size to fit screen. 

To resize the widget, point mouse to the edge of the widget (right or below) and drag to the right or down.

Move widget by click and hold on the created widget and moving it around the board. Other widgets will move around to create space for the moving widget.

Open dashboard on log in

Salestrekker can always open on dashboard page. Go to Settings >> My personalisation and switch 'Open dashboard on login' to 'ON':

Video below demonstrates steps required to create own personalised dashboard.

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