You can import four different types of data:

• Deals
• Contacts
• Notes
• Tasks

• Users (available for organization owners only)

In order to import data, you will need to have a CSV file with information you wish to transfer to Salestrekker.
First you will need to import contacts or a deals. If you import the deal, contacts will be automatically created. Only after deal is present in Salestrekker, you can import notes and tasks.
For notes and tasks, there is a CSV template which we can provide. For this, please contact us through or through live chat.

To perform an import, go to settings, scroll your left sidebar to bottom and click on 'Import Data'. Select which type of data you wish to import.

To import deals and/or contacts, you need to select the workflow where deals should be imported. Notes and tasks on the other hand, will automatically be added to 'Deal Name'.
After you have uploaded CSV file, you will have to connect CSV headers with Salestrekker field which should receive the data. E.g. if header contains first name of primary client, connect it to Person 1 > Personal Details > First Name.
When you connect all headers with merge fields, click 'Preview and Finish' on the bottom of the page.

Next screen will provide a review of data connections, and if everything is ok, you can click 'Import'.

Duration of the process (transferring data) will depend on the amount of data in your CSV file, but once it is finished you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

Minimum required fields for import:

• Deal - deal name, at least one client full name (it can be either one field with name and surname, or two fields - one 'Name' and one 'Surname')
• Contact - client full name (same as above)
• Notes - deal name, note content, note owner, date created
• Task - deal name, task assigned to, due date, task name

• Users - first name, surname, email, address

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