While the best Salestrekker user experience is offered with the versions that directly integrate to lender gateways, some users will want to use Salestrekker integrated to Mercury broker platform.

This integration enables access to Connective's tools, commission processing and lender gateways.

Enable Mercury in Salestrekker

Go to Settings (1), scroll down to 3rd Party Integrations(2), then select Mercury and switch on this integration (3):

To activate integration, enter API Key and API Token and click 'Save'. These are long string alphanumeric codes that you can obtain from Mercury admin section. 

Both Broker Tools and CRM users will now be able to create opportunity in Mercury and link deal in Salestrekker with that opportunity. Client Profile and deal information will map to the opportunity in Mercury.

As the deal progresses, 'Current Status' will update (stage name in Salestrekker workflow). Notes added to deal will be added to 'Status Notes' in Mercury.

Documents, tasks and broker tools information will not map to Mercury.

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