Two-factor authentication strengthens your sign in security by requiring 2 steps to verify your identity: your password and temporary code available only on your mobile phone at that moment. Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect your account from remote and other various attacks.

To turn on two-factor (2 step) authentication for your account go to Settings > My password and security. In the top part of the screen click on the button: "PROTECT MY ACCOUNT".

You can choose the more secure and recommended TOTP based 2FA or SMS based 2FA.

TOTP based two-factor authentication

This will load up QR code unique to your account that will be used to setup your external Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) application, most commonly installed on your mobile device. By enabling two-factor authentication on your account, each time you want to sign-in, you will be prompted to enter both your password and code generated by TOTP application.

Prior to continuing activation in Salestrekker, please download one of TOTP applications and install them on your mobile (external article here).
(In example bellow Google Authenticator will be used as chosen TOTP mobile app)

Open selected TOTP application on your mobile and select option to scan QR Code / Barcode and use it to scan QR Code you got in Salestrekker screen. This will link up your TOTP app on mobile phone with your Salestrekker account and it will generate time lapsing codes that you will be using as second step authentication.

Enter 6 digits you have on your mobile device at the moment into Salestrekker screen to complete two-factor authentication.

Now your two-factor authentication is switched on. Next time you logout and try to login, you will be prompted to enter six digit code after you have entered your password. This means that no one else (even if they have obtained your password) can enter your account.

In case you lost your device that contained TOTP app, you can select "Lost your two-factor device?" option in bottom-right of login screen, then enter last four digits of mobile phone added in your account Settings to get one time code sent to you via SMS. After login you can change TOTP app and device in Settings (Settings > My password and security > Remove Two-Factor Authentication and then re-activate it again with described steps from this article).

SMS based two-factor authentication

If instead you wish to use the SMS option, the moment you select it in 2FA settings, you will receive an SMS message with a 6 digit one time code you will use to activate this option.

NOTE: The activation code will be good for one minute. If you didn't manage to activate it in time while the code was valid, simply refresh your Settings page and select the SMS based 2FA again to receive a new code.

If the activation was successful, your password settings page will note that 2FA is being used for your account.

In the case that multiple login attempts are not working, for further assistance please contact our live chat support team (you can reach them from this Knowledge Base > simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner).

NOTE 1: Do not try to install TOTP (e.g. Google Authenticator) on two devices. Use just one mobile device. If you need to install on more than one device, please come to our live chat support first.

NOTE 2: It is important that your phone number in organisation settings is formatted correctly (04123456789) - with zero at the beginning and no spaces between numbers.

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