Bulk/Multiple Delete

From main menu, go to ‘Contacts’ tab.

Hover over the gray line on the far left of the column headers or contact names with your mouse for the checkbox to show.

Click the header checkbox to select all contacts (actions panel with delete option will show) or click the checkbox next to the names column to select multiple contacts you wish to delete at the same time.

Once contacts are selected, click delete from actions panel.

Single Delete

Form main menu, go to Contact tab.

With your mouse, hover over the row of the contact you wish to delete.

On the right side the actions icons will show.

Click on the bin icon to delete the single contact.

Confirm Delete

In order to complete the removal process, you will need to approve the delete action by clicking "OK" button in the pop-up window.

*Once deleted contact cannot be recovered.

Click on "Cancel" button if you wish to abort the process.

Note: If deleted contact was previously added to any deal, once deleted a deal note will automatically be created to record the contact's removal.

The deal note will hold the name of the deleted contact and name of user that completed the action.

For deleting contact from deal, check this article

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