When you create a new deal for existing contact, you should select the name from the drop menu as below. 

In case you have missed this step, you will duplicate the contact in the system, and your new deal will be connected to the new (duplicated) contact. 

If you delete duplicated contact without transferring the deal, you will lose the deal altogether with that contact. 

In order to safely remove duplicated contacts without losing the deal, please follow these steps:

1. Open ‘Contacts’ tab and next to duplicated contact click on that particular contact to open the contact view page. You will now be able to change the name of that contact (e.g. you can add number 1) so it differs from the other. If you have more than one duplicate, leave just the one and add a character to all other contacts with the same name (e.g. numbers 2,3 etc).  

a) Click on the contact to open the "Contact view" page

b) Go to edit contact (pen icon)

c) Add a character to the contact name (e.g number 1)

2. Once you have renamed the duplicate(s), you need to transfer related deal(s) to one (original) contact. 

a) Click on the duplicated contact to open the "Contact view"

b) Click on the ‘Current deals’ tab to check if there is a deal related to the contact, and then open the deal. 

c) Go to edit deal (pen icon), delete the name and start typing the name again. Drop menu will open and you should select the original contact (the one with no marks). Click ‘Save’.

You have now assigned a deal to original contact. Repeat the process for all deals under ‘Current deals’ tab, and then do the same under ‘Completed deals’ tab.

Once you have transferred all deals, you can safely remove duplicated (renamed) contact from system.

You can check this article on how to delete contacts and how to change secondary to primary clients.

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