Among integration options Salestrekker can be connected with Flex CRM which is preferred method for AFG brokers to use the most out of both systems.

This integration will push Deal Client Profile information from Salestrekker to Flex by creating a new opportunity. Then you can use Flex tools, commission processing and lender gateways as you are used to.

Enable Flex in Salestrekker

Go to Settings (1), scroll down to 3rd Party Integrations(2), then select Flex and switch on this integration (3):

To activate integration, enter your Username and Password then click 'Save'. 

Both Broker Tools and CRM users will now have option "Connect to Flex" and link deal in Salestrekker with that opportunity. Client Profile and deal information will map to the opportunity in Flex.

Important note: Documents, tasks and most broker tools information will not map to Flex.

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