Every document that you create within your deal will be listed in deal view, under document tab section.

For printing documents, you need to click on download icon next to document, and document will be saved on your computer.

You can use bulk option as well (or select all), select multiple documents and download it at once, in zip file.

Removing documents from deal view:

Same as downloading, you can delete one or more document from document list, by clicking on recycle bin icon next to document.

Renaming documents:

If you`d like to rename document, choose document from the list in document tab, click on A button, and change/ add title/ rename document.

New window will pop-up, and you can amend your changes. Make sure to click on save button when you`re done renaming the file.

*Please consider the environment before printing your documents. Save trees, save paper.

For more info on how you can use esign, check this article.

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