Organisations permission settings have impact on what users without system admin permissions can see. 

Permission settings are often used to protect user information. System admins can see  permission settings in Setttings > Organisation/Permissions.

For enterprise (aggregator) users, permissions are often enforced by the aggregator.

Here are a three permission scenarios and their effect on deal, contact and task visibility.

Scenario 1: Deal owner only

This is the strictest permission control and these can often look like this:

Under this scenario, only System admins and deal owners will see deal and contact information.

To enable other parties to see deal (eg other brokers, support staff, loan processors), use Deal team members feature. Team members can be added when deal is created or edited. 

Scenario 2: Workflow member

This scenario is used when members of workflows can see all information contained in deals in such workflow.

Example use: Asset finance brokers and support staff see all deals in Asset finance workflow (and not other).

Permission settings in this scenario look like this:

Under this scenario, users that are in a workflow and system admins can see all deals, contacts and tasks in that workflow.

Users are added to a workflow in Settings > Process/Workflows:

Scenario 3: Everyone sees everything

This scenario is used when all org members can see everything, i.e. no client information is hidden from any team member.

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