In addition to requesting bank statements via client portal and video conference, users can now request bank statements via email to client.

1. Sending an email request

In deal view, click on the bank statements button (if multiple applicants are in a deal, repeat the same action):

A note will be added to a deal indicating that request was sent.

2. Client actions

Client receives an email from the deal owner:

Client then follows the standard process.

3. System updates

Once the statements are completed, PDFs are saved in deal, expenses are mapped in Client Profile and further information is saved in the compliance tab of Broker Tools.

Bank statement PDFs and a summary document are saved in deal under documents:

Expense mapping:

If expenses were entered manually prior to bank statements were requested, only comments section will be filled in.

The idea is that broker discusses expenses once mapped and make any corrections necessary.

Other relevant information (income, loan repayments, defaults, etc) collected from bank statements is summarised in the compliance tab in Broker Tools:

Verification section is updated for income and expense verifications:

See an example of bank statement use in this video:

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