Please note that all your data entry, client information and loan details, should always be completed under GEM. If you follow all the tabs for data entry you should never have a problem sending your deals to commission. Most of the information that will go to commission team is sitting under broker tools and if you do not complete loan details properly on the system you might get an error message when posting it to commission.

Broker Tools 

On GEM is important that you complete the whole Broker Tools tab.

The loan amount and lender are the most relevant information for commission payment and you need to go through: Security Details, Funding Worksheet, Product Search, Review, Comparison and Commissions tabs in order to lock these items to your deal.

System will need you to complete Security Details to allow you to go to Funding Worksheet tab, where you will be able to enter the loan amount for the deal. You can enter the security by typing on the "search for security address" or you can manually enter details if the deal is for pre-approval. Country, Street number, Street name, Suburb, City and Postal Code are the minimum information required to enter pre-approval deals. See below an example of each scenario.

Under Funding Worksheet tab you will see fields highlighted in red and those are the fields that are compulsory, but the loan amount that will be seen by commission team will be under Proposed loan amount.

Under Search Loan Product tab is where you select the lender and product for your deal: 1) choose lender 2) click search 3) select product 4) click next

The Review Loan Products tab is the next and basically you will be only reviewing the details of the selected lender and product. If no information needs to be amended you can click next and go to Compare Loan Products tab, where you will need to select the option Recommended and this will tell the system who is the lender and their product for the deal.

Last is to select your commission group under Commissions tab.

Post to Commission

Now you can go back to your deal view and click on pen icon to settle the deal and send it to commission.

Once you click on Settled/Post to commission system will open a dialog window for you to complete the remaining required fields. Please note that loan account number is compulsory, but if you haven't got it yet you can enter N/A. Also, if you have not added the referrer partner on earlier stages of the application you will be able to select them now.

Under your notes you will be able to check if deal was successfully posted to commission

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