Where are your deals 

When we import data from Baseplate to Salestrekker we create a workflow to keep all the data (deals). Our standard process is to name the workflow using crm name followed by the word import. For example Baseplate Import.

Finding your deals
Deals imported from baseplate usually contain their deal code in front of they actually deal name

The easiest way to find your deal is using the search bar , ant type the name of the client you want to find. You can find more info on using the search bar here.

Handling your data 

The idea is that you have access to deal information, but we recommend you to keep the migrated deals under the "import" workflow. If the deal we migrated is an open deal and you still need to work on it we recommend you to duplicate the deal and move it to the relevant workflow. Data migrated stores deal's existent information differently from a deal that is created in Salestrekker, so managing straight from migrated deal might affect your data.

Duplicating deals: Click on the deal >> click edit deal >> Duplicate. Your deal will then be moved to the first column of the same workflow.

Moving deal to another workflow: under workflow screen go to the relevant deal (remember duplicated deals will show on the first stage of the workflow where parent deals was duplicated). Find the tile action button.

Then select move to another workflow option.

Select new workflow and stage from dropdown options and click save.

Once you moved the deal to your desired workflow and stage you can rename the deal accordingly by clicking on the deal and then hovering over and clicking on the current deal title.

Where are my clients and their details

We can either import clients only or we will import deals and consequently the clients linked to the deal will also migrate to Salestrekker. Either way the clients will be saved under your "Contacts" tab.

Once on "Contacts" tab you can check client profile details and even current and settled loans by clicking on the view contact icon located on the right handle side next to client name and details.

Then you can click "edit deal" to see full client details.

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Salestrekker Team

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