All contacts you have saved under your "contacts" tab can be exported as .xlsx file. This functionality is actually managed under another tab, the "Reports" tab.

Reports tab

Once you navigate to the "reports" tab you can: 1) click on the report button on the top right of your screen 2) click on "+ Add New" on the top of the pop up bar 3) select the option contacts 4) under Anniversary dropdown select "None" 5) click apply on the bottom right of the pop up screen.

Using and exporting contacts reportĀ 

The instructions above should apply if you are creating this report for the first time. But for future reference you should save this report so you can simply select it from the reports' list. To save the report 1) name your report 2) select share 3) click apply.

Once you have done that next time you click on "reports" tab and then on the reports button all your saved reports will be listed there and you can simply click on top of the report name.

Last step is to export your report. On "reports" tab, once you follow the above instructions to create a new report and click "Apply" OR if you select report from the list of reports. After clicking applying you will have several columns with all your contacts personal and contact details. In order to export this list to .xlsx file you can click on the "export to excel" button on the top right off the screen. This will download the file to your desktop and you will be able to manage it using your preferable software.

* Please note that report will be presented and it can be dowloaded (if your permissions allow that) by clicking on 'Export to excel' button:

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